Cleared 1Z0-997 Oracle Cloud Infra. Certified Architect Professional…

Cleared following 3 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure exams in a row in three days. Thanks to great Oracle COVID offers. wish to attempt more exams but could not find more slots serially.. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Certified Architect Professional Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Specialist. Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Architect Associate Though i… Read More »

ODA Bundle Patch: Upgrade to OAK

ODA Bundle Patch: Upgrade to OAK Here i am upgrading ODA from to ODA_BASE before proceeding with ODA Bundle patch.For ODA_BASE backup refer to post “Backup ODA_BASE: Database Appliance ODA X5“.Above post applies to ODA X5 or higher versions. Login to ODA_BASE as root user.Download & Unpack the ODA bundle patch on… Read More »

Backup ODA_BASE: Database Appliance ODA X5

There are situations we may need to backup ODA_BASE, especially before patching ODA_BASE.This article applies only to virtual deployment of ODA.In this Article I’ve used ODA-X5-2 appliance to backup.The procedure is applicable for ODA X5 or higher versions.ODA_BASE is backed up from the DOM machines, i.e. the parent machine from where ODA_BASE was created.Login to… Read More »

RMAN backup details, Display last 5 days

Following query can be used to get rman backup job details for last 5 days. set lines 220 col output_bytes_display for a30 col time_taken_display for a30 select session_key,input_type,status, to_char(start_time,’yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi’) start_time, to_char(end_time,’yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi’) end_time, output_bytes_display, time_taken_display from v$rman_backup_job_details where END_TIME > sysdate-5 order by session_key asc;

CRS-0804, PROC-44, CRS-4535, PROC-44: Error in network address

Getting following error during CRS start. we had a server reboot post maintenance. CRS-0804, PROC-44, CRS-4535, PROC-44: Error in network address CRS-4638: Oracle High Availability Services is online CRS-4535: Cannot communicate with Cluster Ready Services CRS-4529: Cluster Synchronization Services is online CRS-4534: Cannot communicate with Event Manager [crsd(12451930)]CRS-0804:Cluster Ready Service aborted due to Oracle Cluster… Read More »

Single Instance to RACOne Node Conversion.

Convert single instance to RAC using rconfig utility. Verify the database is added to cluster and is SINGLE Instance. [oracle@SAMOELNODE01 ~]$ srvctl config database -d ORCL Database unique name: ORCL Database name: Oracle home: /u01/app/oracle/product/ Oracle user: oracle Spfile: Domain: Start options: open Stop options: immediate Database role: PRIMARY Management policy: AUTOMATIC Server pools: ORCL… Read More »

Configure unixODBC in Linux

Configuring unixODBC on Linux, can be  a general requirement for Peoplesoft or many Application to connect to Oracle database. Check whether all required RPMs present or Not…as follows.   [root@SAMOEL47UAT2 unixODBC-2.2.14]# rpm -q unixODBC unixODBC-2.2.11-1.0.1.RHEL4.1 [root@SAMOEL47UAT2 unixODBC-2.2.14]# rpm -q qt qt-3.3.3-13.RHEL4 [root@SAMOEL47UAT2 unixODBC-2.2.14]# rpm -q unixODBC-kde unixODBC-kde-2.2.11-1.0.1.RHEL4.1 Output of following command should be /usr [root@SAMOEL47UAT2… Read More »