ODA Bundle Patch: Upgrade to OAK

By | June 6, 2019

ODA Bundle Patch: Upgrade to OAK

Here i am upgrading ODA from to
Backup ODA_BASE before proceeding with ODA Bundle patch.
For ODA_BASE backup refer to post “Backup ODA_BASE: Database Appliance ODA X5“.
Above post applies to ODA X5 or higher versions.

Login to ODA_BASE as root user.
Download & Unpack the ODA bundle patch on both Nodes.

Ensure you have sufficient space under /opt.
Usually the patches are unpacked to /opt/oak/oracle/pkgrepos folder.

Verify the patch before apply. On Both ODA nodes.

On Node 1:

On Node 2:

The components marked “Up-to-date” does not needs an upgrade.
Components that require upgrade is taken care automatically by the “oakcli update” command.

ODA Bundle patch can be applied in three phases in following order.

ODA_BASE Bundle patch: Server.

Patching Server component may fail if root mount has less than 12gb of space.
Make sure you free up root mount point to have more than 12gb.

For Further output refer below screenshot.

oakcli update -patch –server (Image 1)
oakcli update -patch –server (Image 2)
oakcli update -patch –server (Image 3)
ODA_BASE Bundle patch: Storage

Now patching Storage….

oakcli update -patch –storage
ODA_BASE Bundle patch: Database

Now Patching database…

oakcli update -patch –database (Image 1)
oakcli update -patch –database (Image 2)

Once patch is completed you can run –verify again to see components patched.
Now you should see all components are “Up-to-date”.

On Node 1:

Node 1, Post ODA Bundle patch

On Node 2:

Node 2, Post ODA Bundle patch

Oracle documentation is the best place to find upgrade path.

e.g. You can upgrade from -> -> ->

You cannot upgrade from to

Check Oracle ODA Documentation here for more details.

Happy Patching. Thanks for visiting my post. Please feel free to comment.

Excuse typos.

6 thoughts on “ODA Bundle Patch: Upgrade to OAK

  1. Doug B

    Hi, great post.  Thanks very much.  One question about the database portion of the patch…  Even though we are passing version 18.3 to the database patch as a parameter like this:oakcli update -patch –database
    After the patch, then we run oakcli update -patch –verify, why is the final DB_HOME version still at version ?
    The GI gets upgraded to, but the database is still back at release 12.1?
    Just seems odd they don’t take the db homes on up to 18 as well.

    1. Saumya

      We can have multiple DB homes of different versions…in my above case i had only which got upgraded to

      If i would have had & the o/p would look like below.


      ideally its patching all respective DB_HOME to 180717 CPU.

  2. tageok

    Nice presentation
    i dont see the /opt/oak/oracle/pkgrepos folder, what i see is /opt/oracle/oak/pkgrepos

  3. HaCan

    very nice and helpful, thank you very much.
    one question please, should we always apply the database patch or can we keep the database without upgrade.
    i.e. going from ODA to will necessitate a DB upgrade too?


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