Cleared 1Z0-997 Oracle Cloud Infra. Certified Architect Professional…

By | May 6, 2020

Cleared following 3 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure exams in a row in three days. Thanks to great Oracle COVID offers. wish to attempt more exams but could not find more slots serially..

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Certified Architect Professional
Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2019 Certified Specialist.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Architect Associate

Though i cleared all three exams in 3 days, it does not mean its that simple. I do have 14+ years experience with Oracle products and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure since its inception. Also i had to do weeks of preparation to get them cleared.

Since some one recently asked how to clear 1Z0-997, thought of putting below few points i followed. Starting with 1Z0-997 Oracle has raised the bar of toughest level of their exams. About 50 questions all with practical scenarios based.

I’ve taken the sample exam given by oracle , and practiced those sample exams by changing answers and following the related content in Oracle cloud document.
All i would suggest grab 50 sample questions from oracle. Provided one example below where i saw this question appeared two times with different options for answer in the real exam

A sample alike question appeared in exam with different options or slightly modified question.

Majority of questions were based on sample practice questions but were modified drastically.
Another example would be in sample question it looks like “an eCommerce company is running on OCI and setup Load balancer and Compute instances….”
In Real exams everything remained same and the question changed to “A fashion industry (which deals with fashion, bags, leathers etc.) running 4 Compute instances behind a Load balancer ” and few change in answer options…
Hopefully this might help someone.

Special thanks to Rohit Rathi, Flavio Pereira and Respective Oracle Product managers for Level-100/200 videos.. But to be honest in order to clear 1Z0-997 the video/training is not sufficient you have to imagine and practice a lot of scenarios.

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  1. Ravi Palle

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully I followed these steps and ready for the exam.


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