CRS-0804, PROC-44, CRS-4535, PROC-44: Error in network address

By | February 22, 2018

Getting following error during CRS start. we had a server reboot post maintenance.
CRS-0804, PROC-44, CRS-4535, PROC-44: Error in network address

Looking at the logs above this seems to be issue with network.
Verify the same by comparing output of following two commands.

On output 1 the interface name for PRIVATE network is bond0 where as from
output 2 the interface name for cluster_interconnect in bond1.
Output 1:

Output 2:

Above XML output is formatted for better readanbility.

As per MOS note:

There are 2 possible solutions:
A. Restore the old network configuration and execute the necessary steps in the correct order.
Check with your network administrator if the old network configuration can be restored, this should allow the clusterware to start.
Once the clusterware is running again, follow the instructions in
Note 283684.1 “How to Modify Private Network Information in Oracle Clusterware” to make the subnet change.

B. De-configure and re-configure the clusterware
If for some reason it is not possible to restore the old network configuration, a rebuild of the OCR is necessary – as documented in
Note 1377349.1 “How to Deconfigure/Reconfigure(Rebuild OCR) or De-install Grid Infrastructure”


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